MKA Adopts Spoil Islands 13 and 13B – Indian River Lagoon in Ft. Pierce

Typical Trash left by some vistors

walking trail

Preparing for trail planning


Meeting with DEP staff on SL13The adoption papers for spoil islands SL13 and 13B have been signed and Motorized Kayak Adventures (MKA) is eager to begin its plans not only to keep this pristine island clean, but also to create marked nature trails and install more picnic tables and other facilities. There’s much more though. We believe that the Spoil Islands are a rich natural treasure that should be promoted and visited by locals and visitors. With the help of the wonderful folks from the state DEP, private citizens and other dedicated groups like MCII and others, MKA hopes to help expand awareness about our spoil islands and to work with everyone to use them in a responsible way both for education and where possible, recreation. In the works – an Annual Spoil Island Preservation Day. More to come. Any person, business or other organization wishing to become involved, please contact MKA at 772.380.6815 or by email at The pictures with this post are from our meeting at SL13 with DEP’s Bryan, Mark, Dana and Dave along with MKA’s James, Billy and Dave.

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