Spoil Island Cleanup

Spoil Island Cleanyup - 01.12.13Congraduations and thanks to all who volunteered to help with the clean up of Spoil Island SL2 near Harbor Branch. Thanks too to Don and Dyana and the Marine Cleanup Initiative for thier clean up efforts further south. Don’s crew left with volunteer divers to remove underwater debris at the north causeway area They also, along with many volunteer kayakers, cleaned debris from a near by spoil island. The other clean up sponsored by the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Foundation (HBOI), was coordinated by the Spoil island Project group, and what a day it was. Braziian Pepper plants/trees and snake plants, are two types of invasive species spreading to the spoil islands. Yesterday’s efforts removed many of them. Along with cleaning up trash, another group used the motorized kayaks to work the perimeter of the island, pulling out fishing line and plastic bags, which are deadly to marine and other wildlife. Thank you Don and Dyana with MCII and Cindy Wilson with HBOI for inviting Motorized Kayak Adventures to participate. Leaving from HBOI, a fleet of eight motorized kayaks with pollution free electric motors ferried a total of seven guests to the cleanup area. As you can see from the pictures on our Facebook page, motorized kayaking can be enjoyed by those of any age. Motorized Kayak Adventures plans to continue to support projects like this, and we encouage everyone to become involved in preserving our lagoon and other waterways. For more information on spoil island cleanup efforts, copy and paste to Spoil Island Project at SpoilIslandProject.org to your browser or go to the Marine Cleanup Initiative website at http://www.marinecleanupinitiativeinc.org. Find out how you can help. Last thing: thanks for the free tee shirts, beverages and pizza provided by the Marine Cleanup Initiative folks.


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