Motorized Kayaks Eco-tour January 19th  – Temps in the lower 70’s, 10 mph wind. A group of us decided to experience Motorized Kayaking at Round Island. We would look for manatee and dolphin and of course exotic birds.

Getting used to the equipment took a few minutes, but we all got out on the water in the motorized kayaks and were thrilled at the simplicity of operation of the kayak motors.  On the way around Round Island we came across a huge adult Great Blue Heron who stared at us as we went by, standing his ground as if to say “I’m not moving – go around me” … and we did!

But the best was the way we experienced this together as a group of friends having fun. Very few of us had kayaked before, much less experienced a motorized kayak. We were amazed at the wonderful scenery and diversity of the Indian River lagoon as we effortlessly passed it silently by  at 3 mph.

We never saw the large mammals we were looking for but we did find laughter and awe, singing, and we even took a few nice photos. We also realized that experiences like this with good friends is one of the main ingredients in the recipe for a full and happy life.

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