Baby Sandhill Crane with Mother

Isn’t the baby crane cute? It’s moments like this when we realize why we are nature lovers. This picture of a mother sandhill crane and her baby was taken on March 17 near our kayak launch site. Sand hill cranes we are told by experts have been around for awhile with at least one fossil skeleton dating back 10 million years, making it one of the oldest birds around. Especially at night, mating cranes will come together and perform an amazing duet. Birders also tell us that these magnificent birds will throw their heads back and put everything they can into their beautiful love song. To go with the singing they will also dance, run and leap high in the air. For the record, they will practice their dance moves all year long. Come on our motorized kayak tours to see more…..Billy the tour guide.


2 comments so far

  1. Cheryl Godin-Degroot on

    Hi Billy,
    We have Sand hill cranes and babies in our back yard too now. I hope all is well and want to do another kayak trip soon. I have some great shots of the Sand hill Chicks if you want me to share them with you. I’ve posted some on my FB page as well.
    have fun and hope to go Kayaking soon.
    Cheryl Degroot

  2. Billy on

    Hi Cheryl…sorry for the late reply. I would love to see your sandhill crane pics. Hope all is going well for you and Tony

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